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Video is how we got started. We are a turnkey video production company that creates high quality video for marketing, safety and training. Turnkey means we do it all. We write scripts, shoot, edit, create graphics, aniamations, virtually every facet of production to supply you with the video you need. OrcaMedia produces complete video based training packages with leaders' guides and student workbooks. We produce quality, on-time video within budget. Is that what you want?

It helps that our staff has been in the business for over 25 years. There is no substitute for experience. Orca can combine that experience with modern technologies. We can re-purpose your video assets to work on the web or on CD/DVD.

A big part of that experience includes knowledge of OSHA Compliance and DOT Regulations. It is important to know that you don't have to train your video producer in order to train your employees.


Orca has produced interactive media for customers since 1995. Had you even heard of interactive media in 1995? Web sites, media for web distribution, internet training, and interactive CDs/DVDs are all becoming business staples. If you want to use interactive media to make your business grow or to protect your employees, Orca Inc is the company to see.

For training, employees learn at their own pace. You keep them interested and hands-on with rich media including audio, video, interactive learning activities and more. Importantly you guarantee that they have absorbed the information by requiring them to answer confirming questions throughout the training. You may also document all learning with and testing and have results confirmed by printing time/date stamped certificates to be added to employee files and/or having the results added to a databsae or emailed to their supervisors.

For marketing, it can allow your customers and prospects to learn about your products, your history and your services immediately without wasting a moment of time. For example, they can browse an interactive electronic catalog with full color photos and have the option to print a full color, high quality version with the click of a button. Your catalog is in their hands immediately with no additional cost to you. It can get your message to people who you may never meet otherwise. You can build an online presence that compliments your brick and mortar investment and/or send a CD/DVD that your customers can keep as a resource.

OrcaMedia can turnkey your next interactive CD/DVD or web site. From concept to completion, you work with one staff. Orca can show you how to use new technologies to grow your business and to protect your business and your employees.


Orca has extensive experience in translating all types of media to foreign languages. Spanish is often requested but we have also created videos and CDs in French, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic, Portuguese, German, Russian, Bahasa and Swedish. With Orca your imformation is translated by professionals with technical knowledge of your industry and delived back to you in any format you desire, be it a simple text document, a multi-language video DVD or even a complete interactive presentation.

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